Entwicklungen in der Politik in Bezugauf Westjordanland und Gazastreifen im Jahr 2010

The following video is a summary of the civil policies undertaken by the Coordinator of Government Activities (COGAT) during 2010.

Despite the constant rocket fire emanating from the Gaza Strip towards Israel (over 230 rockets and mortars fired in 2010), civilian policy was expanded in order to enable improvements in the Gaza residents’ quality of life. There was a 30% increase of the quantity of goods entering the Gaza Strip, and a substantial increase in internationally funded projects improving the infrastructure, education, health, agriculture in the Strip. This and other civil policy changes implemented by Israel led to 11% rise in GDP in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of 2010.

Trade and economic growth increased in the West Bank as a result of increased freedom of movement (98 roadblocks removed), the easing of restrictions, ongoing coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and the stable security environment. Tourism steeply rose, with a 48% increase in the number of tourists in comparison to 2009.


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