Tel Aviv – Art Year – 2012

In honor of the inauguration of the new building exhibiting the world’s largest collection of Israeli art at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the city has declared 2012 as Art Year. This year-long series of events, exhibitions, conferences and educational and community initiatives will draw in both local and international audiences and involve them in Tel Aviv’s thriving art scene.


ART WEEKEND March 21-24, 2012

The highlight of 2012 will be Art Weekend, scheduled for March 21-24. Art Weekend, with the museum as its hub, brings an exhilarating concentration of Tel Aviv’s contemporary arts, including:


  • Wednesday, March 21 – Pecha Kucha – an outstanding gathering of artists and performers each giving a 6 minute, 40 second presentation of their work.
  • Thursday, March 22 – Tel Aviv Museum of Art Marathon – the museum will be open to the public for a 24-hour event of curator talks, art classes, tours and more.
  • Friday, March 23 –GaGa at the Museum – a large-scale dance event in conjunction with Ohad Naharin of the Bat Sheva Dance Company.
  • Saturday, March 24 – A spectacular open-air show, with the city’s best visual arts, dance, music and film, as well as special performers from abroad. The show will spread throughout city streets and spaces.


Throughout the weekend, the city will be filled with exhibit openings, art tours and public displays. Art Weekend hotel packages will also be available.


ART YEAR Special Programs

Art Year aims to include a wide spectrum of audiences, enabling them to interact with Tel Aviv’s vibrant art offerings.  During the year, Tel Aviv’s public spaces will be enriched with dozens of innovative projects, including:


Tel Aviv’s Most Unconventional Hotel Room – as part of the international Pixel Hotel project, one of the city’s lifeguard stations will be converted by local artists into a designed hotel room, rented nightly to different guests, converting a classic Tel Aviv location into an exciting, artistic lodging experience.

­Art in Greater Tel Aviv – a collaborative effort between major artistic institutions in the greater Tel Aviv area, offering a unique artistic blend of exhibits throughout the year.  The city will also infuse public spaces with exhibits, making art accessible in often unexpected locations.

Replace 2012 – Following collaboration with Paris, Berlin’s art scene will engage in a multi-disciplinary art exchange project with Tel Aviv in 2012. Over 15 exhibitions from leading Berlin galleries will show in Tel Aviv, supplemented with talks by visiting artists, curators and journalists.

Pride Art – Tel Aviv’s renowned Pride Week will include a focus on GLBT art, celebrating the gay community’s contribution to the city’s art scene.

International Art Conferences – marking Art Year, Tel Aviv will host leading art gatherings, exposing top international art figures and professionals to the city and strengthening its positioning as an international cultural hub . These conferences include: ECOC (European Capital of Culture), an international architectural symposium and IKT (International Association of Curators).

Education –arts programming will be a special focus in the city’s schools in 2012. Local artists will work with elementary and high school students to create and exhibit art in the schools and in the community. This program will be shared with Tel Aviv’s twin cities around the world. Art faculties will also participate in an online art program run by the Tate Gallery.


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